Glossary of Terms

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IGNEOUS ROCK: One of three principle groups of rock that make up the earth’s surface; formed by the solidification of molten matter.

IMPORT BROKER: One who acts as an independent sales representative in the United States, its territories and Canada for foreign suppliers.

IMPORTER: One who purchases, stocks, and distributes foreign materials in the United States, its territories and Canada, in substantial quantities and reliable quality.

INCISE: To cut inwardly or engrave, as in an inscription.

INDENTING: Omission of some stones to allow for future bonding-in work.

INITIAL RATE OF ABSORPTION: The weight of water absorbed when a brick is partially immersed in water for one minute, expressed in grams per 30 square inches of contact surface, also called suction.

INITIAL SET: The first setting action of mortar, the beginning of the set.

INLAY: Surface decoration achieved by the insertion of lines or patterns of contrasting material.

INSCRIPTION: Lettering cut in stone.

INSTALLATION: See erection.

INTERIOR: The inside of a room or of a building.

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