Glossary of Terms

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KAOLINITE: A hydrous aluminum silicate mineral.

KERF: A slot into the edge of stone with saw blade for insertion of anchors.

KEY BLOCK: In deepening a quarry, or starting to quarry downward from a horizontal surface, the first block removed from a new ledge, providing space and access for further block removal by undercutting, under-drilling, or lateral shifting.

KEYSTONE: The last wedge-shaped stone placed in the crown of an arch regarded as binding the whole.

KILN: A furnace, oven, or heated enclosure used for burning or firing brick or clay material.

KILN RUN: Brick from one kiln that have not yet been sorted or graded for size or color variation.

KING CLOSURE: A brick cut diagonally to have one two-inch end and one full width end.

KNEELER: Gabled cope stone which by its shape is also part of the wall, and may support other cope stones.

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