Glossary of Terms

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NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF MARBLE PRODUCERS: The National trade Association of the American Marble Industry whose membership is composed of marble producers (quarries) in the United States, its territories and Canada.

NATURAL BED: The setting of the stone on the same plane as it was formed in the ground.This generally applies to all stratified materials.

NATURAL CEMENT: Lime with high clay content.

NATURAL CLEFT: This generally pertains to stones which are formed in layers in the ground.When such stones are elevated or separated along a natural seam, the remaining surface is referred to as a natural cleft surface.

NATURAL STONE: Although technical a redundancy, as a stone its occurrence by definition, the term is used to distinguish true stone from imitation materials.

NEAT CEMENT: A pure cement uncut by a sand admixture.

NET CROSS-SECTIONAL AREA: See cross-sectional area.

NICKED BIT FINISH: Obtained by planing the stone with a planer tool in which irregular nicks have been made in the cutting edge.

NOMINAL DIMENSION: A dimension greater than a specified masonry dimension by the thickness of a mortar joint.

NONCOMBUSTIBLE: Any material that will neither ignite nor actively support combustion in air at a temperature of 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit when exposed to fire.

NONCORRODING: Resistant to harmful oxidation or other corrosive actions because of its composition (i.e. stainless steel, bronze, copper).

NON-FERROUS: Not containing iron material.

NON-STAINING MORTAR: Mortar composed of materials which individually or collectively do not contain material that will stain and usually have a very low alkali content.

NOSING: The rounded front edge of a stair tread.

NOTCHED TROWEL: Trowel with a serrated or notched edge used for spreading mortar or adhesive in ridges of a specific thickness.

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