Glossary of Terms

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V JOINT: A joint that has been shaped with a tool to form a "V."

VAPOR BARRIER: A material, usually in thin sheet form or combined with a sheathing material, designed to prevent the passage of moisture through a wall or floor with the aim of avoiding condensation within the wall.

VAPOR DIFFUSION: Transfer of water in partially dry solid from regions of high concentrates to those of low concentrates.

VAULT: Arched stone roof.

VEIN: A layer, seam, or narrow irregular body of mineral material different from the surrounding formation.

VEIN CUT: Unique to the marble industry, it is a cut perpendicular to the natural bedding plane.

VENEER: An outside, non-bearing load wythe of masonry used as a facing material.

VENEER STONE: Any stone used as a decorative facing material that is not meant to be load bearing.

VENEER WALL: A non-loadbearing stone wall securely anchored to the back-up wall.

VENTING: Method used to allow air and moisture to escape to the outside from the wall cavity.

VERDE ANTIQUE: A commercial marble composed chiefly of massive serpentine and capable of taking a high polish. It is commonly veined with carbonate mineral, chiefly calcite and dolomite.

VERMICULATED: With dressing of irregularly shaped sinkings, leaving worm-like ridges between.

VERTICAL JOINT: See head joint.

VINYL RESIN: These include products in which the unsaturated vinyl grouping is involved.Vinyl resins include polyvinyl, acetate, polyvinyl chloride, copolymers of these, the acrylic methacrylic resins, the polystyrene resins, etc…

VITRIFICATION: The condition resulting when kiln temperatures are so high as to fuse grains and close pores of a clay product, making the mass impervious.

VOUSSOIR: One of the stones in an arch between the impost and keystone.

VUG: A cavity in rock; sometimes lines or filled with either amorphous or crystalline material; common in calcareous rocks such as marble or limestone.

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