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Stone, used as a paving material, provides characteristics that enhance any garden. Flagstone and steppers, in a wide range of colors and textures, are available to meet any design need.

The term "flagstone" refers to large flat pieces of stone suitable for paving applications. "Steppers" are smaller sized pieces of flagstone. "Stone paving" is flagstone that is sawn into specific sizes, also commonly referred to as "pattern flagging," which are laid in patterns, some of which are illustrated in this section. Pattern flagstone is an excellent choice for any outdoor space. Whether it is a more elegant front entry, or a distinguished dining terrace, pattern flagstone will make the statement with authority.

The following pages detail the popular materials available for a variety of designs and styles. The option always exists to customize materials into your own personal design. A Lang Stone specialist can help you with this type of customization.

Flagstone and steppers are almost always have a natural cleft, or bed finish. Pattern paving may also have a natural cleft finish. However, if the stone is sawn on all six sides, then mechanical finishes are applied. These finishes include:

Thermal - a heat induced finish.

Sandblasted - a sand etched surface.

Bush hammered - a mechanically applied surface with high slip resistance.

Sanded - a smooth finish used to eliminate saw marks without reducing the inherent slip resistance of the stone.

Honed - a very smooth matte finish not suitable for exterior use.

Polished -a very smooth glossy finish not suitable for exterior use. Also known as "high honed".
Note: Not all stones available in every finish.

Flagstone and steppers are priced by the ton. Pattern paving stone is priced by the square foot. All are available in any quantity.
Oversized pieces (36 x 36, 36 x 48, etc.), used for large unit patterns, are available for some types of stone.

Nominal Size:The dimensions/size that include the thickness of the joint. For example, a 24" x 24" piece of Pattern Bluestone will actually measure 23-1/2" x 23-1/2". The standard joint size for Bluestone is 1/2"

Gauged: A natural paving surface that has been sawn or ground so as to bring it into conformity with a standard thickness.

Note: We also offer a complete line of concrete and clay pavers.

Stone Paving & Flagging

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