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Building walls is the most popular use of stone in landscaping. A homeowner might build a simple accent wall just a few inches tall. While a professional might build a retaining wall up to 22 feet high! Regardless of how big your next job is, Lang Stone has the stone product you need!

Wallstone products are generally categorized as thin and pre-split.

Thin stones, are naturally shaped stones, cut from the top layers in a quarry. They are hand selected for size and generally need some shaping. Thin stones have a more natural (or rustic) appearance and, for the most part, are native to Ohio.
Pre-split stones, are split to the proper depth for use in a wall. This assures maximum coverage and reduces installation time. Pre -split wall stones deliver a slightly more "finished" appearance.

Use the following chart for estimating quantities needed for your project. The chart is based on average weights of stone. Coverage may vary based on laying technique.

Wall depth Square feet of wall per ton
8" 20-22
12" 12-14

Note: add approximately 15% coverage for sandstone wallstones.
6" wallstones may not be suitable for retaining and structural walls.


All wallstones are priced by the ton and available for pick-up in any quantity. Most wallstones are palletized (see individual sheets) and can be delivered/placed using our Moffitt delivery trucks.

Note: We also offer a complete line of concrete segmental retaining wall systems.


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Lang Stone Company - Your stone provider

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